What is a Digital Piano

A Digital Electric Piano can also be called simply Digital Piano, Electric Piano, Digital Keyboard, Electric Keyboard, Piano Keyboard, Electronic Piano, and even Piano Organ. But they all mean basically the same thing, and that is…Lots of Fun!

Indeed a Digital Electric Piano is nothing short of a modern marvel that is slowly but surely taking over the entire piano industry. In fact, many large piano stores in my area have gone out of business over the last few years due to the burgeoning popularity of Digital Electric Pianos, and I was told it’s because Digital Pianos have taken over the market.

Well, it’s easy to see why this is so. Just take a look at a few of the reasons why many people prefer to purchase a Digital Piano vs. an Acoustic Piano:

  • Digital Pianos are Generally Less Expensive
  • Most Digital Piano Models are Smaller and Lighter
  • They Don’t Need Tuning Because There Are No Strings
  • Most Models Include Additional Instrument Sounds

How Much Does a Digital Piano Cost?

Of all of the reasons why you might choose a Digital Electric Piano, I’ll bet that price is one of the most important deciding factors. Unlike an Acoustic Piano, which generally were owned by the upper middle class, unless you were lucky enough to have one handed down to you, you can purchase a Digital Piano for less than $200!

However, the less expensive models are more Digital Keyboard and less Digital Piano because they generally don’t even have 88 keys like a piano does. They are also going to be lacking in the tone department, so are not likely to be mistaken for the real thing, but just the same, if you are just getting started, they are a great beginner option.